Born to play, perfect for multimedia
The new Pioneer Gaming Series YZ2709 is the monitor designed to best reproduce games moving images and Videos.
Very high dynamic performances and panel curvature, offering the best viewing conditions and an extraordinary immersive experience.

Champions determination
The design stands out for the finishes’ grit and the elegance of the ultra-thin display, with the slim frame that offers a spectacular full-screen viewing effect.
The image seems suspended, supported only by the futuristic pedestal in special aluminum alloys in the exclusive Gamers Series colors.

Absolute dynamism
144Hz refresh rate with flicker free technology and exceptional response time of 1 millisecond (overdrive), for extremely smooth video, without dragging effects.
The IPS Full HD screen with 350cd/m2 brightness, offers a wider range of colors, high contrast and wider viewing angles.

Ergonomic and relaxing vision
The curved display and the blue light sight protection system (LBL) ensure the visual system the best comfort conditions, reducing the stress and vision strain.
The curvature of the screen is designed to maintain the same visual distance between the center and the periphery of the screen.

LBL (Low Blue Light) technology, reduces the amount of blue and purple frequencies emitted from the monitor panel, an important feature for those who stay for a long time in front of the PC, avoiding diseases related to retinal disorders, such as migraine and sleep disorders.

Versatile and Multimedia
Input Display Port, indispensable for implementing synchronization technologies such as AMD Freesync.
Integrated speakers that offer a simple and immediate "plug and play" sound system.